The University has organized its employee roles into broad job families. The job families represent similar types of roles and duties across the University. Job Families are groups of similar occupations based on work performed and on required skills, education, training, and credentials. Using the Browse by Job. Job Families. Explanation and Guidelines Recommendations for job family promotions or changes in a job family Yes No If yes, provide examples of how the. However, jobs in a job family can reside in many different departments. For example, all positions in the Human Resources job family are not in University Human. The job function may also be referred to as a profession. ▫. Job Family: A group of jobs having the same nature of work (e.g. Accountant or HR. Generalist) but.

What will it mean for managers? All Single Status employees will be included within one of the five job families. You will find some examples below: Focus on. There are two templates on this page. The first template is appropriate when the job family has 1 or 2 job titles and more levels (i.e. junior, intermediate. A job family is a grouping of related job positions within an organization that share similar skills, responsibilities, and career paths. Sub Family: Sub groups within a job family that describe more specific skills within each discipline (e.g. in the Safety job family there are Sub Families of. job architecture, job families, and job functions. The examples provided in this document are intended solely for internal discussion purposes. Working. gradar's Global Job Families · Healthcare Support · Hospice / Palliative Care · Childbirth / Midwifery · Clinical Administration / Operations · Intensive Care. Job families are collections of like-jobs grouped according to shared characteristics. Job families are then further refined by the subfamily. For example: the. When it comes to job families, common families include operations, marketing, sales, human resources, finance, research and development, sales, customer support. An example of a job family is finance, which is often a separate department in many organizations. The job classification chart may assign the finance. A job family groups similar or related jobs for ease of reporting. For example, you could add the Trust Analyst and Operations Analyst jobs to the Analyst.

Job Family · Accounting · Accounts Payable · Audit · Banking · Financial Administration and Operations · Financial Planning and Analysis · Insurance · Payroll. Job families are determined by the job function that contains them. For example, the Finance job function may contain Accounting, Payroll, or Tax job families. For example, there could be an Administrative Support job family that includes administrative jobs across all departments. The main criteria for a job family. So, for example, BBC Worldwide in July increased the pay of some production/operation jobs by nine per cent, but did not increase technology jobs at all in. Job Families are groups of occupations based on work performed, skills, education, training, and credentials. New Job Family: Architecture and Engineering. A job family is a group of jobs with common features. Each job family contains a number of levels, each reflecting different job outputs, skills, knowledge and. Example · Application Administrators · Classroom IT Analysts · Database Administrators · Network Engineers · Programmers · Technology Solutions Partners · etc. Depending on the organization, activities may involve various branches of the engineering profession, for example electronic, environmental, mechanical. Job families are groupings of jobs related by common vocations/professions. Accordingly, they have many similarities. Jobs in a job family are similar in that.

The Information Technology (IT) job family is responsible for all aspects of Information Technology activities and for providing user-friendly technology. A Job Family is a group of jobs that involve similar work and require similar training, skills, knowledge, and expertise. A Sub-family is a smaller group of. Position Examples: Below is a list of common position titles at the University for this Job Family Category. Whilst not exhaustive, it may assist in. Job family groups are broad categories of work with a similar functional occupation and that require similar knowledge and skills. Job Family. Job families. Examples of job families include Student Advising Services or Applications Programming. Compensation Consultants consider these important factors when.

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