What can you do with a degree in Political Science? Political science majors advance their skills with analytical thinking, written and oral communication. Career Ideas for Political Science Majors: ; Politics · Public Opinion Analyst; Pollster ; Law · Corporate Legal Counsel; Judge/Mediator ; Government · Labor. Employment of political scientists is projected to grow 7 percent from to , faster than the average for all occupations. About openings for. Typical careers include government, law, business, international and civic organizations, journalism, and education. Careers in Political Science. (American. Employment opportunities for political science graduates include careers in government, nonprofits, international organizations, politics and political.

Political science majors gain experience in researching and influencing public opinion. As social media managers, they can strategize and execute highly. The political science graduate may find a public service job in nearly any agency or branch of the U.S. government. Jobs in state and local government are also. 10 Job Options for Political Science Majors · 1. Policy Analyst · 2. Legislative Assistant · 3. Public Relations Specialist · 4. Social Media Manager · 5. Market. Do you know that political science graduates have even chosen careers in personnel, marketing, advising, banking, finance, and public relations? With some work. They find employment in a wide range of positions, working in the public sector as district attorneys, judges and public defenders, or in the private sector in. 7 Jobs for Political Science Majors · Political Science majors · Historians · Legislators · Social Science Research Assistants · Political Science Teachers. Political science is a versatile degree. It can springboard a career in politics and policy, nonprofit work, business, media, or education. The research. Another career option for political science majors is the position of an arbitrator. Arbitrators act as objective third parties in legal disputes, helping the. More Jobs for Political Science & History Majors: · Anthropologist · Campaign Worker · Chamber of Commerce Manager · Community Relations Director. 11 entry-level political science jobs · 1. Social media intern · 2. Legislative assistant · 3. Junior research analyst · 4. Staff assistant · 5. Public Relations. Jobs for political science majors · City Planner · Judge · Law clerk · Lawyer · Legal court hearing officer · Mediator · Political analyst · Politician.

Most Lucrative Entry-Level Jobs for Political Science Majors · 1. Arbitrator · 2. Public Relations Specialist · 3. Paralegal or Legal Assistant. With a political science degree, you can become a professional political analyst, decoding the cryptic language of politicians and predicting. Our political science majors pursue careers in: Government; Law; Politics; Nonprofit; Business; Journalism; Broadcasting; Education. Example job titles of. Examples of such employment include insurance agencies, agricultural businesses, financial institutes, and consulting firms. Communications and Journalism. With. With a political science degree, you can become a professional political analyst, decoding the cryptic language of politicians and predicting. Careers in Political Science · Elected or appointed official · Campaign manager · Lobbyist · Political advisor · Staff administrator · Special interest advocacy. Apply to work in Public Administration. · Try working in Administration at Universities and Community College. · Work for a politician's campaign. Most political science majors do not become professional political scientists; they go into careers such as law, education, business, and federal, state. Poli Sci majors pursue careers in campaign management, political polling, national political committees, and consulting. They will have taken multiple courses.

Career Center/Career Communities. The Career Center offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for all stages of professional development, from deciding a major. Some graduates go to law school or accept positions with government at the federal, state, or local level -- the traditional goal of political science majors Political Science is also a good foundation for careers in public service, campaign work, and various management positions in the private sector. CLICK HERE TO. Majors often go on to pursue careers as lawyers, paralegals, and policy analysts. POLS majors are required to take three introductory POLS courses, eight Undergraduate Majors Who Will Be Seeking Immediate Employment A bachelor's degree in political science can lead to employment in business, government.

Political Science and International Relations Jobs · 1. Political Consultant · 2. Political Campaign Staff Member · 3. Legislative Assistant · 4. Public.

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