The skills and knowledge gained through studying the social sciences are also highly valuable and complementary to other disciplines such as in business. Students with degrees in social science develop skills that are valued by employers. They may find employment in government, nonprofits, social services. All of these skills are highly sought after by employers in any industry so you won't be limited when it comes to looking for jobs after graduation. Careers in. Positions within civil and diplomatic services and local government are also popular choices. Other careers include: banking and finance; politics; journalism. Careers in the Social Sciences include criminal justice, sociology, social work, law, political science, and social services. Explore Social.

CAREER CENTER POST JOBS skills commonly associated with common career fields related to Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. required, industry growth and. A degree in social studies provides practical knowledge and the skills needed to What skills or expertise is required for high-paying social science jobs? Career Opportunities · Area and Cultural Studies Professor · Elementary School Teacher · High School Teacher · Middle School Teacher · Principal · Superintendent. So Many Jobs with a History Degree · Elementary, Secondary and Post secondary school educators; Professor · Museums and Historical organizations; Cultural. Natural and Social Science Professionals · Social and Humanities Scientists · Other Researchers, Unspecified Discipline · Pharmacists · Actuaries, Economists and. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and argumentation skills. Many Social. Science graduates pursue a career in Social Work and Studies Critical Social. JOBS THAT DON'T REQUIRE A COLLEGE DEGREE. Social studies is one of those many “useless liberal arts” majors. See the discussion below. Doing so requires strong analytical skills. These skills are necessary within careers in the social sciences. To work in most jobs in political science, you. High School Social Studies Teachers Jobs By Industry · Education and Hospitals (Local Government): % · Elementary and Secondary Schools: % · Education and. 7 careers for Social Sciences graduates · Police · Rehabilitation worker · Psychologist / Counsellor · Social / Youth Worker · Local Government · Charity · Researcher. The career outlook for careers in the humanities and social sciences varies based on a worker's industry, degree level, and occupation type. The Bureau of Labor.

With advanced training in the humanities and social sciences, you will find a wealth of rewarding job options in many fields, including qualitative research. Professionals with a bachelor's degree in social science can pursue careers as researchers, analysts, and educators. Graduates interested in education, for. High Paying Social Science Jobs · Social Scientist · Health Science Specialist · Historian · Political Scientist · Social Science Analyst · Conservation Historic. Career Skills. Career Advice. Career Research Jobs in Demand. Media. Close. News / Events. Media There are so many pathways that lead to employment from a. There are myriad jobs in applied social science—applied anthropology, applied sociology, applied psychology, applied economics. Many social science PhDs are required to work with large data sets while earning their degrees. These quantitative and qualitative research skills make social. Humanities and social sciences jobs in sociology · 1. Program coordinator · 2. Human resources specialist · 3. Substance abuse counselor · 4. Public relations. Environmental Scientists and Specialists. Environmental scientists and specialists use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment and. Learn about career options, job titles, and career services available when students graduate with a part-time bachelors in social sciences at Northwestern.

With experience, social science research assistants may follow a career path to become a research analyst, research coordinator, or researcher. Social Science. Social Science Careers: Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary · Community Health Worker · Police Officer · Museum Technician · Credit Analyst · Librarian. CAREER CENTER POST JOBS skills commonly associated with common career fields related to Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. required, industry growth and. Social science degrees, including housing, criminology, education, social policy research, community development or social work, often lead to careers which. Roles that relate directly to the knowledge and skills specific to a subject include geospatial analysts trained in geography, operations managers trained in.


A History or Social Studies Teacher teaches in the social studies fields for elementary to secondary school students. Elementary school teaching focuses on. The Social Studies Education • Requirements for certification/licensure vary • Identify transferable skills learned in teaching applicable to other careers. Social Scientists - Skills and Abilities · Communicate · Reason and Problem Solve · Use Math and Science · Manage Oneself, People, Time, and Things · Work with. What can you do with a social science degree? · Social worker · Organizational consultant · Mental health counselor · Psychologist. Graduates in arts, social sciences and languages work in the Civil Service, local government, business, commercial, industrial and managerial posts. Work in. Community and Social Service Managers. Rewarding humanities and social sciences jobs can be found in nonprofit organizations. · Advertising Sales Agents.

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