She is a gold medalist in Vastu Shastra from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University (Govt. vastu tips for sleeping position. As per Vastu Get Weekly Vastu Tips. Vastu Shastra. Both husband and wife are in high positions in a #government #job getting addicted. It means to say that #vastuconsultant #. It also gives good employment opportunities and progress in profession. It further gives good family relationship, relieve from depression and improves mental. A west-direction study table facing as per Vastu is good for students pursuing Accountancy. For a retail investor or people studying Home Science, the study. Apart from this, worship Lord Surya daily to get success in a government job. Offer Arghya to the Sun God daily by filling water from a copper vessel. Keep fast.

The ascendant should be free from affliction. Before taking up any employment, ascendant and tenth house should be should not be any malefic. It always helps to get in touch with an experienced astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who analyses your horoscope in detail and even tells you about the govt. Astrology Tips to attract Government Jobs · Worship Lord Sun by sitting or standing close to the sun for some time. · You can also wear a red gem, such as a ruby. website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Employees & Job Applicants Tips for Small Businesses · Making an. A person's workplace can have a significant impact on their success, and Vastu Shastra consultants for job in Government Model Senior Secondary School. Vastu tips for Government Jobs · Jai Shree Mahakaal ‍♂️. February 4 ; भक्ति की परीक्षा · View all 27 comments · December. For government jobs, Sun and Sun's house are indicators along with 10H. Sun and Sun's house must be dignified (aspect or conjunct of Jupiter). Pair of Swans when Placed in South West corner, helps in the bond between the couple grow stronger. Ashoka Pillar or Government Emblem displayed in East corner. If Mars is also strong, you will get a higher position. Govt. job in research and development (R&D) and Archeology department is likely, if your Sun is in 8th. Vastu tips for getting government job. Do like our page and subscribe is on Youtube for more such videos. #astrology #vastutips #vastushastra. Anant Amsa. If we apply these principles for government job prediction in astrology, we can easily get a hints about who will get government job in astrology.

The 10th house must be powerful to obtain a government job. The lord of the 10th house must have its placement in quadrant/trine (House no. 1, 4, 7, 10 are. If you are a professional or in a industry the East direction is good. East direction is a sun rise direction, it gives growth in all senses. 5 Vastu Tips For Government Job · 5 Vastu Tips For Government Job · 1. Optimize Your Study Area · 1. Optimize Your Study Area · 2. Position Your Bed Wisely · 2. In vastu shastra, ashoka stambh or pillar is used for government job, government job promotion, pending files sanction in government sector. IAS and IPS service aspirants must have a strong 10th house and 10th Lord for gaining success. If the Sun is in the 10th house then the government job is. According to Vastu Shastra, bamboo is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity, and the kitchen is the heart of your home where energy. The strong position of the Sun in your horoscope is very important to get success in the government sector. According to Vedic astrology, Sun is considered to. If you are worried about a government job or desired job, then put Hanuman Ji's photo at home or in your room and recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa continuously for. to get a government job Causes of not getting government job: Here are Pandit Rahul Kaushal is a world-famous “Celebrity Astrologer”, & “Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips» Elephant Statue Vastu. Vastu Tips. comment The colour, position and elephant painting vastu Getting elephant statues for home is auspicious. It. If you are preparing for a government exam to get a government job, you sit in the north or the east direction while studying and wearing blue sapphire and. They must face the north-east direction, to ensure proactiveness. As per office vastu, their sitting position can be in a northwest direction. Account. Placements of 10th House in Horoscope to Get a Government Job · When the Lord of the 10th house is positioned in quadrant or trine (House numbers 1, 4, 7, 10 are. · 1. You should worship Lord Shani Dev for getting government job. · 2. Recite Hanuman Chalisa to get blessings of Lord Hanuman and it will also.

Bansal is an advisor in many state government projects and a strategic consultant to leading business men and industrialists. One of his biggest.

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